Going With The FLOW

One of the best parts about wearing my hair naturally is showering!! Showering without worrying about keeping my hair from getting wet...actually, Preferring to get my hair wet! I love it! Letting the water flow thru every follicle...another beautiful moment of FREEDOM! I'm so glad that my hair is locked now, except the little babies in the back that are always unraveling. In the beginning, I still couldn't get my hair wet very often...yes, even us "latchers" have to worry about unraveling. But its been a little over 6 months now, so I'm good to go. When the babies in the back slip a little, I just grab my latch hook and tighten them up a little...not too tight because my hair easily breaks. I also would NOT recommend washing your hair/soaking your hair with water every day because it strips alot of the natural moisture out. Even when I "go with the flow", I condition my hair and rinse before getting out. Another tip, do not wrap your hair while it is still wet...it can cause molding from the inside of your locs. ewwwwwww. Air drying works best for me!
So now, I'm debating on getting a rainshower shower head. :-)

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