Brown Paper Bag + Locs = Cute Curls!!!

Yeah, I did it! So what! Lol Last night, I reached back into my goodie bag, took all the goodies out and ripped the bag into little pieces to roll my hair. LOL something I had seen my mom do on many occasions as a little girl. I thought it was hilarious, didn’t think it would actually work. So I tried it, mainly because my locs aren’t long enough for the kinds of curls I want right now soooooooooo….paper bag was the next best thing. It worked!! A few in the back fell out already because I used my water & evo spritzer this morning, but overall it turned out pretty cute. You should try it! :-)


  1. Excellent (and inexpensive) idea!

  2. I'd love to! Can you show us how you did it?

  3. thx! I'll try puttin up a video this weekend
    **looks for more paper bags** LOL


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