New fav' products!!

Ok, so I love love love these products: Coconut Papaya All Natural Shampoo by Nubian Heritage; Shea Butter Plus Moisturizer and Horsetail & Rosemary Hair Vitalizer by Organics Africa's Best, and Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner by Pantene Pro-V's Relaxed & Natural line. Both of the products by Organics are mineral oil and petrolatum free! I use the Shea Butter Plus to Moisturize my scalp after shampooing or co-washing, and a few time during the week. I use the Horsetail & Rosemary on my locs, not my scalp, for daily conditioning/strengthening. They both work very well, especially the Shea Butter Plus...again because of my eczema the richness relieves and prevents outbreaks. The Coconut Papaya shampoo is very rich as well, but i don't shampoo my hair that often to prevent stripping alot of the natural moisture out of my hair. I still love the shampoo! It cleans very well and I haven't seen any residue after washing! Love it! I like Pantene's conditioner, i use it in between shampoos to co-wash and it does the trick. However it's not as rich as I would like, but it locks in the moisture for the most part. I plan on trying Nubian Heritage's all natural conditioner, which may work better for my hair.
So, are your favorite products??

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