A Misguided Journey

When I first decided to wear my hair natural, I thought "I'm tired of wearing weave, let me try something new." It was strictly about my hair.....so I thought. I realized that some folks in my own family had never seen my natural hair, shoot I wasn't even sure if I truely knew what my natural hair looked like despite the fact that I had been doing my own weaves for about 10 years or so. I never really appreciated my hair, I didn't necessarily like my hair. I thought it was difficult, damaged, and most of all unacceptable for me to be seen in public in such a way. So I wore weaves...long weaves, short weaves, curly weaves, colored weaves (1B/360), synthetic weaves, full caps, pony tails... Holla at ur girl! lol It didn't really matter as long as it wasnt MY hair.
I kept seeing women with beautiful natural hair but convinced myself that I just wasn't "an all natural kinda girl". I thought they all were trying to make some robust statement or all fighting a cause because they wore their hair and not someone elses!
I was very misguided!
wonder if anyone else had the same thoughts?? Now I know that it can be just a hair change for some and for others its so much more. For me, it is more about appreciating who I am completely...from my kinky roots to my flat feet. When I look in the mirror I want to see me, not some creation that took hours of manipulation to achieve.
I still love all my weave wearin sistahs, if it makes you happy and whole, then do u! People are so much more than they what we see, natural or not! :-)


  1. You are such an inspiration to me. I am exactly the same way. I have wore a weave in my head since I was 11 years old. Now that I am 23 I feel like its time to give it up. I have a son who is 3 years old and anytime he looks at me when I do my hair over he gets confused. I don't want to be what other people thought was beautiful. Plus, my hands are tired from doing my own hair for forever :) I love your hair by the way and I can't wait to see more posts from you in the future!

  2. thx! :-) Yes, both my sons looked at me that way when I did my hair over. Its funny because I was in the process of moving and found one of my old wigs, put it on and my 2 year old looked at me like he saw a monster! I would definitely encourage you to try it...just go cold turkey and do it. 'm sure you will feel and look more beautiful than you ever have!!


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