Loc Extensions??

Well, I've been watching a few vids on youtube about loc extensions. Now, the first time I saw anything about loc extensions, they kinda looked just like silky dreads...a look I definitely do NOT want for my locs. It would be quite obvious that they are extensions if so. However, the loc extensions that they have out now look just like real locs! I dont know why I want them, I guess I'm just being impatient. I want to wake up one morning and have these long gorgeous locs....or maybe I'm so used to being able to change my hair with weaves that I just haven't adjusted to this length or being limited. I love going through all the stages of locdom...the buds, the frizzies, latching too tight, latching too loose, trial and error with different products. Its a very interesting journey to say the least. But Jeez, I want some length!!! NOW!! Loc Extensions? or Should I just wait it out?? **sigh**


  1. Wait out girl! By adding the extensions you may put too much pressure on your locks and cause them to thin at the root and break. Then you will be back where you started. In 12 months (sounds long) you will have a different length and wish you still had the styling options you have now.

  2. good point, i didn't even think about the stress on my hair! and my hair is very fragile in some spots. yeah....i'll wait it out. Thx!! :-)


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